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Recent article from the American Baseball Coaches Association

Recent article from the American Baseball Coaches Association

REVISED Grosse Pointe South Baseball Practice Schedule Fall-2020

With the 16 fall practices we have been allowed to conduct by the MHSAA, we have been given an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their ability as well as for the coaching staff to do some much needed teaching of baseball skills.  

This opportunity will most likely NEVER be repeated by the MHSAA.  Therefore, it is extremely important that we have as many players as possible participate in these workouts.  

Attendance lately has been disappointing, with only a total of 18 freshmen and sophomores in attendance this past Saturday, and only 13 varsity candidates. (I have over 30 players on a potential Varsity tryout list.) I realize that some have been involved in fall baseball and others are playing a fall sport.  That should. of course, continue.  Fall sports take priority.  However, there are still opportunities for others who have not been attending to show up, at least occasionally. 

Attached is a revised practice schedule for the remainder of the practices.  They certainly, again, could be adjusted due to weather, so it is important to contact the coaching staff if you have any questions.  

Since all fall sports have been reinstated, our 16 baseball fall practice dates had to be adjusted, mostly because of field availability, as well as many are playing fall sports.  For those who ARE playing a fall sport, that takes priority.

 You should NEVER miss your fall sport to attend baseball.  Just come when you do not have a conflict, which will most likely be only Saturdays.

Any questions please email Coach Griesbaum

Player/Parent Information Sheet 2020-2021

Please fill out below document and email to Coach Griesbaum ASAP.
This MUST be done prior to Fall Practice

Preview of Letter for 2020-2021

The MHSAA has said that football and baseball WILL have separate seasons, for the most part, so players will NOT have to choose between the two. We do not know specific dates yet as far as exactly when the seasons will occur, but it looks like football will go first in early spring and baseball will follow. We will definitely be later than our usual mid-March start.  Football looks to begin around late February to early March with baseball beginning some time in late April to early May.  We have been assured that baseball will NOT go into July but may go later than mid-June with the MHSAA tournament.  Our 38 game dates should also not be reduced, according to an MHSAA representative.

Please continue to read the 2020-2021 Letter at this link.
              Coaches Letter

2019 District, Regional, and Elite 8

Grosse Pointe South 
District Champions 2019!
Regional Champions 2019!
Michigan Elite 8 2019!

2019 District Champions!

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This is the link to the official Grosse Pointe South High School Baseball's page. This page is the official GP South Baseball Page. Please join the group.

GP South Dugout Club

The GP South Dugout club is committed to provide funding and coordination to the GP South Baseball community.  Continuing budget cuts have made baseball program donations an increasingly important part of our annual fundraising efforts.  Donations of any size to the Grosse Pointe South Dugout Club are welcomed and appreciated, and since we are established as a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation may very well be tax deductible.  Please consult your tax advisor for further clarification on this topic, and e-mail Bill Leonard if you would like to receive a formal receipt.  Thank you very much for your support of our program. 
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Coaches Corner

Prepare yourselves now for tryouts in March.  What you personally do from November to March will greatly impact your success next spring.  More importantly, what we collectively do now as a team, will impact what happens to all of us in June!  "Tradition Never Graduates"

Coach Griesbaum

Remember, "Tradition Never Graduates"

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In the Dugout - Presented by the Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association

In the Dugout - Presented by the Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association Great video featuring Coach Dan Griesbaum!!!

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Contact Us

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